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recorded live in the street

Found Music delivers a raw young singer songwriter busking on the street into the hands of their Australian music icon and the once in a lifetime chance to produce and perform on stage their first professional song. 

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making plans

making plans

Josh Maynard is a young musician from Cowra in the central west of NSW. Just turned 17, Josh is following his dream of a life in music but getting started, getting recognition isn’t easy.  

Josh posted a clip on the Found Music website. It got a lot of votes and support from friends and fans. So we sent it to the musician who's been Josh's inspiration….. Shane Howard from Goanna fame.... 


Now, Josh and his dad Dave are on their way to Port Fairy to record with Shane Howard... and so begins

a musical adventure


Shane Howard

John Hudson 

from Shane's 13th album

 'deeper south'

Josh Maynard


                 planing his first record



The Style


up close and personal


live feel      


live recordings  


live performance


The Series


take a young musican recorded live from the street


put them in the hand a of skilled professional 


choose a song to work on together


find  some muso's to help in its development


find out about  their music story  shared history

pasion and pain 


mix at professional music studio 


live gig at a music festival 


The Crew


heaps of  experience in documetary, television production,  web production and general media propaganda.


musical back ground  playing and recording



Steve Best           Producer Director Sound  Editor

Joel Peterson      Camera

Laura Zusters     Consulting Editor  




The Music


original unsigned raw tallent




with classic songs from our 

most celibrated musicians  




Featured song





writen and perfromed by Josh Maynard

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